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Jan, Feb, March 2022

Dear Pastors, Supporters, and Special Friends,

Greetings from the Philippines. We pray the harsh winter has passed and the buttercups are blooming in your yards, and in your hearts as well. Surely our Lord knows what we need in our lives and I’m always thankful for the change of seasons. It is the dry season here in the Philippines, but the Lord has blessed us with showers of rain from time to time. The grass is still green and the banana and coconut trees are flourishing. Being blessed by the weather is good, but the greatest blessings we received from the Lord have been

As many of you know, we were in the USA last year because the airports in the Philippines were locked down for the pandemic. Also, our passports were lost in FedEx, which caused another delay.

Miss Debbie and I arrived in the Philippines the first week of January. After many covid tests and travel restrictions, we finally arrived in Manila. Protocol forced us to stay in Manila for an eight-day quarantine lockdown.

We made it to our island to face another seven-day


From time to time, we have received a request from our supporters asking for missionary stories or events we go through on the mission field. We have added a page on our website just for stories. I will be adding new stories to that page every month about life as missionaries and the great things we have seen God do for us. I hope you have time to read the stories and hope you will enjoy the page.

UPDATED WEBSITE- www.sonnydix.com


Bathrooms in the Philippines are called C-R’s. It stands for comfort rooms. Our C-R at the church and bible school property was built over 20 years ago. It was an outdoor toilet-type cement building with flushing toilets. After years of use and bible students, we were in desperate need of new bathrooms. We want to thank everyone who gave for the new men’s and ladies’ bathrooms. Each side has three stalls (including a handicap accessible stall), and handwashing sinks. Thank you for your giving!


Years ago, one of our children from the Lamb Center was adopted by a beautiful couple in Australia. The family loves their child, who is now in his teens. They asked if they could send large boxes of things for the orphanage to show their appreciation and love for the Lamb Center.

They started sending a box of things like sheets, baby wipes, toys, and stuffed animals for the children, usually mainly used teddy bears they picked up at yard sales or discount tables. The items they sent were clean and in great shape, and our children are always thrilled to see a box come into the home.

Of course, we sometimes are overwhelmed with stuffed toys because our children get attached to their one teddy bear and do not like the idea of changing, so needless to say, we have many extra teddy bears.
Last November, our church secretary asked me, “What shall we do with all these old teddy bears”? She has a tiny office, and her desk and files are all she has room for, so the big box of teddy bears took up a lot of space.

I responded to her that we would wait for Christmas Sunday and give them out to the children of the church members. Our church has many children, so that would be an excellent way to clear out her office. Our island has suffered from the covid pandemic for almost two years. Many people have lost their jobs and have taken tremendous financial losses. Our island has turned into a tourist attraction over the years, so the airport lockdowns caused many families to suffer.

Thinking things could not get worse, on December 17th, our island was hit with the hardest typhoon ever recorded in our area. The storm took down trees, destroyed houses, broke bridges, and caused much pain in the lives of our people. The following Sunday, people walked into the church. Roads were impassable by cars or motorbikes, trees were down, and power lines lay in the streets, but over 120 people walked to the church despite it all. After the church service, the church ladies brought out the big box of teddy bears. The children lined up and picked out the teddy bear of their choice. Smiles began showing on their faces. Some began to laugh and jump up and down with their new teddy bear friend. Joy came to the parent’s faces to see their children happy again.

In the midst of all that had happened, the children knew there would not be any Christmas in their homes. Some children did not have a home to return to after the typhoon. There was no electricity, no internet, and no running water for weeks, but they all had a teddy bear to hold onto and hope for a brighter day. I thought about long before the storm hit our place, that lady began buying teddy bears earlier in the year. Who would have thought they would be used to putting a smile on a child so far away and many months later?

Sometimes we feel like old teddy bears just hanging around. Sometimes we think that we are in the way of others, not knowing where we fit in or if we could ever fit in the work of the Lord. Keep in mind that God has a place for old teddy bears. It might be something as simple as putting a smile on a child’s face that has no hope, or could it be just giving a hearing ear to the elderly by letting them tell us their story. Could we use our resources to encourage someone to keep on going for Jesus or use our finances to further the Gospel to the lost? Yes, God has a place for old teddy bears. Think about it.


The bible school students are back on the streets telling people about Jesus. Pandemic protocols have been somewhat lifted, and we are free to take the Gospel to the people again. This year we have some of the most outstanding students that have ever been in our work. We have some young (and old) adults who have given their lives and futures to be full-time for the Lord.

It is a blessing to work with these guys the Lord has put in our school. Pray for their future ministries as the Lord sends them throughout the Philippines to do His work. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support for these students and the bible school.

People are getting saved, and baptized. Our students load up every Mon-Fri going out to share the gospel. We like to see jeepney loads of people coming into the church. Brother Sonny still preaching. Ladies holding bible studies. We are thankful to our supporters for allowing us to serve the Lord on Palawan Island.


Miss Debbie was happy to be back in the Philippines.  After the weeks of quarantine in the house and hotels, she could not wait to see the children at the orphanage. She met with the caregivers and our social worker to catch up on each child’s progress and case studies. Several more of our children have been added to the list for clearance for international adoption.

Some are still waiting on paperwork issues that involve their birth family signatures and the government adoption matching process.
Several of our older children have been matched already and have received pictures and information of their new parents coming to the Philippines to pick them up. They talk about their new parents and are excited to know a new mom and dad have accepted them.

One of our children, named Jenny, has not been matched. She is six years old, and her matching to a new family has been delayed by the paperwork process. Jenny began feeling left out when she heard of the other old children preparing to leave for their new families. She could not understand why she was being left behind. When Miss Debbie arrived back into the home, all the children ran up to her, excited to see her. She tried to spend time with each one calling their names and working with their English Tagalog speech. After seeing all the children, Jenny went up to Miss Debbie and took her hand. She looked up with her sad eyes and asked, “Will you be my mom, will you?  Miss Debbie looked down at Jenny and said, “Jenny, I will always be your mom as long as you like.”

I don’t think Jenny meant for us to adopt her, but she needed some assurance that somebody cared about her. That’s the whole story of the children in the orphanage.  They need to be cared for, whether it’s food, medical, or just a hug from Miss Debbie. Those three little words, “I love you,” goes a long way when you need a friend. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of their lives. We love and appreciate all our supporters who make it possible. Pray for Jenny and all the children at the Lamb Center Orphanage. Pray they all get good Godly parents who will always be there and love them as much as we do.


At the writing of this newsletter, we have six children in the last stages of matching for adoption. Two children have already been matched. The Philippine government offices are backed up with child cases because of the pandemic issues. They could not function properly, and the adoptive parents could not enter the country because of airport lockdowns. Hopefully, our children’s cases will be processed soon as we make more room for more babies in the Lamb Center Orphanage.


We are thankful for the Lord’s blessing of a new vehicle for the Lamb Center. It is large enough for the children to go for outings, doctor visits, and also enough room for the large loads of groceries every month. The vehicle is a tremendous blessing that was needed for the Lamb Center. We are thankful for those that had a part in providing the new multicab. As you can see in the pictures, the children are happy, the grocery shoppers are happy, and Miss Debbie is happy! 

We want to say Thank you from our hearts for all you do for us. We are thankful unto the Lord for keeping His hand on the work here all these years.  We appreciate all of you for your prayers, love, and support. Help us pray for the Philippines. Brother Sonny, Miss Debbie, and the Lamb Center Orphanage

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